We have a variety of brands, short and long term rental.

Automatic Guided Vehicle rental

Automated Carts

Automated warehouse trucks

Semi-automatic load trolleys

Automated carts

  • Automatically guided car
  • Guided by magnetic tape
  • Until 0,5 t

The TAE050 is a compact load carrier that is economical and easy to install thanks to magnetic tape guidance on the ground. This AGV can be used for simple horizontal transport from A to B to collect and deliver loads. It is perfect for hauling up to 500 kg or transporting up to 140 kg with bolted shelves. The AGV is safe and accurate thanks to the security scanner and has a user-friendly touch screen.

Automated Forklift trucks

  • Automatically guided vehicle
  • Precise laser guidance
  • Until 2,5 t

The Autopilot is available in different models depending on the operation: horizontal transport, stacking or replenishment. These driverless trucks take on repetitive tasks between production lines and storage areas or conveyor systems. They guarantee safety thanks to advanced laser technology and are based on standard truck designs, so they can also be driven in manual mode.

Semi-automatic load trolleys

  • Wireless remote control
  • Suitable for cold and wet environments
  • Until 1,5 t

The BT Radioshuttle is a high-speed semi-automatic load carrier that works on specialized racks and can be guided with a remote control, while the placement and removal of pallets is carried out by a reach truck or counterbalanced truck. The Radioshuttle enables high-density storage and maximizes the number of pallet locations, with consequent space and cost savings.


AGV Rental

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